ProjectLog Features

ProjectLog was initially developed ad-hoc by an IT company for in-house project management and to communicate project progress to customers. However while ProjectLog was indeed useful for both ourselves, our customers and our partners, we could not help already early on to think that ProjectLog could be useful for everybody. We started to rethink the design, how we could retain the proven benefits of the early system and at the same time make them available for everybody. This process have resulted in many ideas, however 2 features really set ProjectLog apart :

Every use owns his own fully featured project management system

Then every user owns his own fully featured project management system, it means that an organization eg. a company is build up of independent users however associated with said organization. From the perspective of the organization, it is just like any project management system with users, however from the perspective of the user, the organization is just one of possibly many organizations to which he is associated.

Curriculum exposure

An organization can choose to public expose project experience and associated users qualifications. These experiences can then be searched by other organization in need of such qualifications, effectively making ProjectLog a qualification broker system allowing organizations to find suppliers within ProjectLog and tie them directly to projects.

Main standard features


The ProjectLog Calendar is integrated with projects & tasks. Dates can be created, edited, drag&drop moved and deleted from within the calendar interface. Dates can have categories, resources, descriptions and have a full user accessiblity system. The calendar can in addition be filtered on many different parameters like accounts, organizations, projects, users & categories.


Gantt Charts

Hierachical project list

Hierarchical project list allows for better organization of projects. Say for a customer you have a project that really consist of multiple projects. We have that kind of projects all the time, eg. a customer have multiple IT systems that all needs to be maintained. With ProjectLog you just create a project called Systems Maintance and for each system you create a sub project.

Hierarchical task lists

Hierarchical task list allows for much better organization of tasks as well as indirect assignments & status changes (which make user filters a lot more powerful in case of lazy task assigning). First a project can have multiple task lists allowing for the first level of grouping of tasks, eg. Maintenance, New Features & Errors and because each list can be hierarchical, tasks can be further grouped ad infinitum

Google Docs integration

Many of our own customers and even our own employees like to use Google Docs for ad-hoc project descriptions and task lists, therefore ProjectLog allows to attach Google Docs to projects & tasks. While ProjectLog indeed support all aspects of project management, we don't want to force everyone to use ProjectLog, if some users are comfortable with using eg. Google Docs, we allow the project manager to acknowledge that and associate these external resources.

Dialog based work process

To make the work process faster, ProjectLog keeps most of the users time on dashboard using dialogs and dynamic data loading to build interfaces for manipulate data, this results in a streamlined and very responsive work flow.