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Project Management System ::: Independent Users

ProjectLog differ from other project management systems in one profound way : each and every user is the master of his own fully featured project management system which, as you will discover, allows for collaboration otherwise impractical, immense empowering of the individual user and for centralizational reach to processes & information otherwise lost - read more.

ProjectLog Key Features

  • Give your customers, partners & consultants read/edit access to particular projects.
  • Full fledged knowledge base system integrated directly into your dashboard & associatable with projects & tasks
  • Multichannel realtime & groupable user-to-user communication supporting drag&drop file transfers.
  • Sofisticated timelines on task, project, organization & account levels.
  • Auto generation of gantt charts that can be further manually edited.
  • Notify relevant users of changes to resources, projects, dates, tasks, statuses etc.
  • Public expose both company & employee curriculums for qualification offers & searches
  • Fast check a specific users workload, his active projects, tasks, work statuses and targets.
  • Multiple hierarchical task lists makes task organizing a dream feature.
  • Granular process integration.

Granular process integration. Depending on project specifics you may allow a consultant full work integration while allowing the customer to only view, comment & validate progress while an eventually partner may have yet another access.

While ProjectLog offers the same kind of functionality as others of the best project management systems, ProjectLog differ in one profound way : while companies, partners and customers are still very stringent entities each and every user owns his own fully featured project management system which as you will discover allows for collaboration otherwise impractical and for empowering of the individual user and centralizational reach to process & information otherwise lost.


Take control through centralized overview

T Decentralized information - centralized overview The 2 features that sets ProjectLog apart making it the worlds most ... project collaboration tool are :
  • In ProjectLog every single user have his own fully featured project management system, eg. a company exists of such independent users with access to the companys ProjectLog resources.
  • Companies & users can public expose their curriculums to unknown other entitities in search of qualifications - potentially making new business connections directly within ProjectLog.

ProjectLog chains together highly decentralized information and work processes into a sharp manageable overview. In ProjectLog every single user have his own fully featured project management system, eg. a company is build up of invited independent users.
In addition the

ProjectLog is a project management system designed specifically for collaboration between companies, customers, organizations, partners & consultants - it centralizes overview of highly decentralized information & processes and brings work processes together whether located by suppliers, consultants or customers.

If you work together with people outside of your own organization, then ProjectLog is the management tool to choose.

Who is using ProjectLog ?

  • Consultants
  • Programmers
  • Managers
  • It companies
  • Departments
  • Your customers


Every user get a free account with 5 free user licenses - this means that consultants and small companies may use ProjectLog for free until they grow a bigger. If for a specific account more than 5 user licenses is needed, additional user licenses can be purchased for USD 5/month/license.

Price example : if you have a company with 20 employees, 10 active customers and 2 freelance consultants and 3 partners (all need access to your ProjectLog account), then you need 20 + 10 + 2 + 3 - 5 = 30 user licenses (-5 because each account comes with 5 free user licenses).

Even for very big organizations ProjectLog is easily a cheap alternative to inhouse project management software, not only is there no development cost also there are no maintenance cost and in addition inhouse systems are seldom as test proven and up-to-date.

ProjectLog seemlessly work with disconnected users as well, so that a license once needed for a specific customer or employee, can be reused for a new customer or new employee without loosing the information associated with the earlier user, just that earlier user will not be able to login to your account - this means that you don't need more licenses than users actively using your account.

Another advantage compared to inhouse is that then connecting with external users that also use ProjectLog, these users are already logged in and don't need to login also to a 3. party inhouse system.

Another advantage compared to inhouse is that you get access to external user information (especially qualification information) that would be impossible to maintain inhouse.

Inhouse advantages will be that the software can be build to meet specific non-standard needs and that it is possible to run in a virtual private network increasing intrution security (though ProjectLog deploys the highest standards of web security read more and in practise more secure than most inhouse software).